Sales Training

Getting the right people on board is only one part of the equation, but how do we ensure they are successful once they start? By working with the owner (or directly with the search consultants) we are able to provide the foundation and continued support that allows individuals to thrive in the search world. Utilizing a litany of models and search tactics our sales training gives the search consultant everything they would ever need to know to be successful throughout the search process. Everything from Business Development to recruiting into the passive market to controlling the search process with both client and candidate. We provide scripts, forms and insights on how to win searches, ask for exclusive and retained arrangements, properly negotiate fees, and close deals.

This critical part of your business is too important to be left to chance. We are only as good as our people and we need to afford them every opportunity to be ultimately successful in this business. We have the search tactics down and the support material to back it up. This should be a no-brainer for new and seasoned recruiters alike.

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