Bob Bassman - CEO and Founder

Relentless pursuit of perfection is the only way to describe Bob Bassman. Take one look at the numerous power-lifting trophies that line his office walls; you immediately know that this is an accomplished man. Yet, his greatest achievement has no plaque. You see no evidence of this success in his office except for a pile of “neatly” highlighted folders.

When you ask Bob what gets him up in the morning, he says enthusiastically, "helping others succeed." And that is what Bob has done. Since opening the doors of Bassman Growth Advisory Partners (BGAP) in August of 2004, he has helped his clients grow an average of more than 40% annually.

Prior to the formation of BGAP, Bob was founder and CEO of Kaye/Bassman International (KBIC), a professional search organization based in Plano, TX. When Bob sold the business to his management team in 2004, KBIC had reached annual revenues exceeding $15 Million. This is an impressive accomplishment for any permanent placement firm, especially one operating out of a single location. More extraordinary, it is a feat unmatched in the 40-year history of the Management Recruiters International (MRINetwork) system, where KBIC also won numerous awards like Office of the Decade. In 1996, KBIC won the coveted International Office of the Year award, a title they never relinquished until departure from the system in the end of 2005.

Bob takes pride in the fact that during his tenure at KBIC, the firm enjoyed a 95% retention rate, turned out over 200 Pacesetters, fourteen individual million dollar plus producers and two individual two-million dollar plus producers.

He currently resides in Addison, TX with his wife, Sandy. From 1984-2005 Sandy trained every single search consultant in the organization, including Jeff Kaye and all of the current Managing Partners. Outside of running his business, Bob is an avid Powerlifter (holds 27 World’s Records and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame), is a 4.5 tennis player, a full marathoner (top time of 3:13:00) and a grandmaster chess player. Bob and Sandy’s truly favorite activity however is spending time with their children, Tracy and Paul, and their families. 


Sandy is the backbone and Bob’s right hand not only in life but the business ventures they begin.

Sandy started with Kaye/Bassman as a construction recruiter. She then advanced to corporate training for 25 years. Her understanding of recruitment processes, along with an always positive attitude makes her a vital asset to BGAP.

Sandy resides in Texas with Bob. She is fluent in Spanish. When she isn’t traveling with her husband, she enjoys playing tennis, meeting with the ladies for a game of “majong”, and knitting hats and scarfs for the homeless. 

Julie Schwartz - Vice President of Administration

Julie is the Vice President of Administration. She is a proud graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas excelling in her degree with honors. While earning her degree she was eager to gain valuable work experience in direct sales and personal communication, and had numerous opportunities to allow this.

Julie was born in St. Louis but moved to Plano and became a natural Texan. She loves sports but has a passion for other activities such as martial arts, playing chess(just to name a few). She is eager to begin tackling new opportunities and learning new skills while keeping her enviable zest for life. Her recent goals are become more proficient in strategic planning and business development.


Bassman Growth Advisory Partners

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