What Can BGAP Do For You?

Just in the last week alone, we have received numerous emails from our clients outlining immense success in various areas.

  • Sylvie just got a retained search off of your business development method for a chief estimator, and our first search in commercial construction (an area we chose on your recommendation and guidance). Christa was also able to secure a retained search from your BD process. We are all very impressed and re-energized. Thank you for all of your help! – Owner in Canada
  • Just finished Q1 at…drumroll… $236k. This is up from $66k last year and much of that can be attributed to you guys and your precision guidance especially on a couple deals. Thanks so much, looking forward to keeping our foot on the accelerator. –President in NJ
  • With Melissa and Dustin coming on board and possibly Tabitha we are primed to take advantage of what we have built. Add that to myself and Irene and Martha as my assistant…I HAVE A COMPANY. Next Step(beyond) $1,000,000 Billing J Can’t thank you enough for your help in the Talent Acquisition Process. –CEO in Texas
  • We ended up at $199k in Q1 which is one hell of a gain from $0 in Q1 last year. This kind of revenue gives us the bandwidth to build the team and take this organization to the next level and build on the blocks you have given us. Feeling good and ready for more. Cheers! –Owner in Arizona
  • Gentleman, it may have been in front of my face the whole time but I have to credit you guys for our new found offering in Mergers and Acquisitions. I just got off the phone with the CEO of the largest (and best) public accounting firm in California and they want me to find them organizations in other states that they can acquire. This service offering is a game changer for us and will result in millions of dollars of additional revenue. Love it! – CEO in Lousiana

What would these gains mean for your business? Your life? If you believe in constant improvement, then we would welcome a conversation to discuss what exposure to best practices in certain areas might do for your firm.

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