Value of the Process

What is the value of having a process for you? For your clients? For your candidates? I would say all VERY high. The question is, do you have one? Is it clearly defined? And how do you leverage it?

The search business can be tricky, after all we are dealing with PEOPLE! But to the best of our ability the goal has to be to work the with very best clients, the very best candidates and to maintain CONTROL all the way through. This is what we do for a living and who knows better how to drive a successful search process than us? No one!

Reasons why establishing a search process with the client are vital:

• It helps to sell our services and can be our differentiating factor (most hiring managers think recruiters just reach into their desk and send over resumes – this is certainly not the case with a great search consultant!)
• It helps us to vet our clients and whether or not they are worthy of partnering with (if they are not willing to ascribe to the process then it will be very difficult to be successful)
• It sets a groundwork and a clear path to success and gives us something to fall back on when the client steps out of line

Here is a link to the kind of Search Process I would outline with the Hiring Manager on an initial conversation:

Would love to hear any thoughts or comments you might have on the subject.


Here is a testimonial from a client of ours that just started using our BD Plan for the first time last week:

“I am accessing very high level people easily. Thanks! Here is my activity so far…
• 400 Invites (took 30 minutes)
• 150 Accepted
• 75 first email follow ups (I have a few more to do. I was very selective about who I chose from the ones that accepted)
• 18 Appointments Set
• 14 Conducted
• 2 Job Orders
I spoke with people that I have wanted to talk to for years. Email was very effective at getting high level people on the Phone. I figure I have 8-10 of the most accomplished and impressive VPs and Directors of Finance in Austin. Seriously a few of these men and women are total rock stars. Thanks!” –Owner at Boutique Austin Based Search Firm

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