When you receive a phone call, email or LinkedIn Request about a product or a service are you ready to buy right then and there? Doubtful. Then why would we expect any different with our target market? Salesforce claims that it takes "6 to 8 touches" until you have a truly qualified sales lead. Business Insider backs that up by saying that a minimum of 7 contacts are required.


“I don’t have the time to contact people 6-8 times.” Yes, you do. And you must if you want to be successful. With a well crafted marketing approach and a devout daily/weekly/monthly plan in place the results are sure to follow. Keys to sales success:

• Alternate your method of contact between email, phone, LinkedIn, text message, etc…
• Keep a strict schedule of when contacts should be made
• The first step to any sale is an actual conversation
• Realize that individuals buy when they are ready (this might be today, but most likely it is 3, 6, or 12 months down the road)
• Content is everything - we need to bring VALUE with every single contact

One more tip – endorse people on LinkedIn for a certain skill – often times your name popping up at just the right time might be the trigger needed for that lead to buy!

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