The Power of NO

NO. It’s a simple enough word, typically used to give a negative response to a question or request. But it may be more mighty that we give it credit for. NO can be a game changer.

“No” can be the difference between a $100,000 year and a $300,000 year. No can be the difference between $1 million in revenue or $5 million in revenue. By saying no to the right things, often times we free ourselves up to say yes to even better opportunities. There was an article in the Harvard Business Review in 1999 by Susan Bishop called “The Strategic Power of Saying No.” It is an insightful piece that everyone can learn from. I encourage anyone and everyone to read it.

As mentioned in the article, one of the biggest mistakes that search consultant’s make is working outside of their own, highly specialized niche. But in order to be successful, in the long run, you must specialize and STICK TO IT.

By saying NO to assignments outside of our niche we can allocate all of our precious time to work within our very specific area. Thus become THE expert in the field. The Go-To search consultant that everyone knows and reveres. This is the strategic power of no.

The power is yours; USE IT!!!

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