The Director’s Cut

As a search consultant our objective has to be two fold…

• Positively impact the bottom line of the client by allowing them to bring on top echelon talent in the marketplace that is not only capable of doing the job, but can exceed expectations and that is a cultural match within the organization.
• To be an advocate for our candidate and the advancement of their career to the next level, and beyond.

Our mission as a Search Consultant is to allow two sides of an equation to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the optimal match. I liken our role in the process to that of a Director of a film. The client and the candidate are our actors, and by the end, hopefully they have both delivered a performance of a lifetime and are nominated for Academy Awards (or a successful placement occurs where both sides are ecstatic).

We know all too well that the search process can be long, tedious, confusing and tough to maintain control…but it doesn’t have to be. By using a formulaic, chronologic, stair step procedure we give both parties the best chance to succeed and make the right decision, which is our main goal.

The beauty of our role as Director is that we have directed many such movies and we have done it very successfully. We have a vision of the end result and proven formula that will allow us to create a masterpiece. What does that effective process look like and how do we get buy-in from BOTH sides?!

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