SlyBroadcast – Reach More People, Faster

Reach more people and do it faster! Sounds nice right? There is a business tool you should consider called SlyBroadcast. Basically this tool allows you to deliver mass voicemail messages directly to the VM inbox of hundreds or thousands of individuals. Think of the application…

• A well crafted voicemail sent to hundreds of candidates in your database inquiring about interest for a specific position
• An intriguing voicemail sent to thousands of hiring managers hinting at the value that you deliver to organizations just like theirs
• A voicemail delivered to all contacts asking for referrals
• An MPC (most placeable candidate) voicemail sent to hiring managers highlighting the skillset of an absolute superstar in the industry that we have recruited

Most importantly, the ability to do all of this instantaneously! How long would it take to dial the phone a thousand times or even a hundred times? We don’t have time for that and we can craft a bevy of campaigns that will get results fast! I seriously recommend considering a tool like SlyBroadcast

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