Responsibility Brings Possibility

Q1 – what a blistering start to the year!! Or was it? For many of our clients and search people across the globe, yes, indeed it has been a phenomenal three months. This has not been the case for everyone. Why is that? It’s often easy to blame it on the economy, politics, and many other outside influences – maybe we need to look internally. Here are the most common reasons search firms are underachieving:

• Lack of NEW business development
• Not attracting enough quality candidates from the passive market
• Inadequate sales ability
• Insufficient or non-existent planning
• Not leveraging LinkedIn fully
• Losing deals in the 11th hour
• Lack of a Search Process for clients/candidates that ensures success
• No accountability
• Poor goal setting
• Working with “B” and “C” level clients
• Working at too low of levels (fees and positions)
• Hiring poor associates (or not hiring at all)
• Insufficient training for new hires

If any or all of these hit a little too close to home, then we need to talk. It’s been my life’s work to help search firm’s achieve their goals and these are the reasons many fall short. Take some time to seriously reflect on Q1. How did it go? Could it be better? Always. Nothing will ever change while you point the finger of blame. Out of responsibility comes possibility.

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