Responding to Resistance

You’ve left an incredible voicemail and gotten a call back from the hiring manager. You’ve worked your magic and gotten by the gatekeeper. You’ve done great research and found a direct dial for the decision maker. Now you have them on the phone and it’s time to win some business…BUT you run into resistance. This happens every day, over and over again, to everyone. And for many of you it’s the same sort of things each time. Do any of these sound familiar?
⦁ We have no needs right now
⦁ You need to call HR first
⦁ Send me a resume
⦁ We don’t use recruiters
⦁ We are using other sources
Of course there are a litany of others, but I am offering a chance to cover some of the most common objections and ways to respond to that resistance. In my 35 years in the business I have heard it all, and I know what works. Allow me to share that with you. Stop accepting a hand to the face at the first sign of resistance.


Additionally I have mastered a 4 Level System to both the Marketing and Recruiting Approach that allows you to get a “YES” from the hiring manager and candidate, even if you receive resistance at first. I would be more than willing to share with you this methodology that was responsible for propelling 16 of my search consultants to million dollars plus billing annually. Take it from me; I know what has worked in the past and what will work for you. Let’s make some progress!

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