Referrals: The Death of Cold Calling

Referrals. Who to ask? When to ask? How to ask for them? From my way of thinking the answer is simple.

Ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON that you speak to throughout the day and do it in a way where a positive response must be provided.


An example might sound something like this, “You’ve been gracious with your time, before I let you go, let me ask you just one final question; who do you RESPECT in the ______ market that you feel is someone I need to know?”

The key word is RESPECT. I have yet to come across an individual who says they don’t respect anyone. Give it a try, and then do it again and again. This will virtually eliminate the need for a cold call ever again.

In growing your network through referrals you not only enhance your own business but also the value that you provide to your client partners and candidates. “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface, but connected in the deep.” Referrals hinge on one thing; a willingness to ask, and a desire to explore how far our network truly reaches.

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