Persistence Pays

In a perfect world we would have clients beating down the doors wanting us to work on their most critical and urgent hiring needs. This world is far from perfect and that is why we must pursue those potential clients we deem to be worthy. Do whatever it takes. When you finally get them on the phone you might say…


“Admittedly I was very persistent in pursuing a conversation with you, that is because from my time in the marketplace I have heard your name mentioned to me a few times and your company seems to be one with which we could form a valuable partnership. I am the very best at not only uncovering, but also recruiting and LANDING the top talent from the passive marketplace. The same tenacity that I used in getting in touch with you is what I bring to the table when targeting “A” level players in the ________ industry on your behalf.”

A version of this can also be left as a voicemail or in an email as well. Give it a try and be pleasantly surprised with the positive results you get. If nothing else, this is different from what hiring managers are hearing from your lackluster competitors all day!

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