Perception is Reality

Perception. Branding. Reputation. What's the difference? I would argue there isn't much. What kind of perception do you strive for in the marketplace?


• The Go-To Search Firm in your industry
• The fastest
• The best candidates
• Most thorough process
• Highest success rate
• Best value
• Client-focused
• Relationship builder

Regardless of what you are striving for the question becomes how do you get there? How does one build a brand and a perception? Its about performance and repetition.

Performance - when you get a chance with a client you need to perform. Successful performance builds your book of business, your testimonials, your referrals, etc.

Repetition - make sure that your name, your brand, your success stays in front of your target market regularly. Utilize tools such as email blasts, phone calls, blogs, LinkedIn, Social medias, conferences, direct mail, etc.This may seem obvious but unless you plan it, it will not happen. Create a schedule.

The world can only see you as you want to be seen, if you give them the opportunity.

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