LinkedIn Connection Leads to $450,000 Fee

In the search business how do we leverage LinkedIn for business development purposes? It’s simple, and we have the formula. Just listen to some of these testimonials after utilizing the approach we recommend…

“First week using the LinkedIn BD method I set up a few brand new conversations with decision makers, one in particular resulted in a search for a President of a small Commercial Real Estate (retail) Firm. After successfully completing the assignment and developing a great relationship with the CEO and President they have turned around and given me another assignment for 6 commercial real estate brokers with a total fee of roughly $450,000 after bonus and commissions are paid. Not bad for one little reach out on LinkedIn!” – Scott, Vice President at Huey Enterprises

“BTW....I have added over 300 LinkedIn connections in two weeks. All CEOs or VP sales level. 4 Job Orders this week from that alone and 15+ scheduled calls for next week. Some will be "lookers". Some will be searches. Will let you know how it breaks down. Regardless, the higher level conversations have soared!” – Doug, President at Strategic Sales Search

“This approach really works, in my first three days trying it, I was able to set an appoint with the COO of a company in my industry and landed an exclusive search that should be in the $23-25,000 range. Thanks much and look forward to more!” – Brian, President at West Michigan Technical

“Harnessing a laser focused attack; my admin assistant in two weeks was able to set 9 appointments with Private Equity portfolio companies, 2 of which are now clients! One of them we just completed a successful search resulting in a $50,000 fee.” – Susanna, CEO at Thrive Resources

“My results last week were as follows: 52 connection request sent, 31 accepted, 14 conversations set. Of the 7 hiring managers I have spoken to thus far, 4 of them have actually had a desire to be recruited and find a new opportunity for their career, 1 referred me to HR and the other two are now clients. One of them has a lot of growth going on and could be a big account for us. Thanks for all your help!” – Jeff, Search Consultant at Stern Executive Search

If you want to implement a marketing approach that will skyrocket the number of NEW conversations you have, then give us a call or write us a note and we would be happy to discuss.

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