Let’s Start “Breeding”

There are two ways to “breed” a family. The first is obvious. The second may not be as obvious. In building my firm I found it paramount to breed a culture where my associates left their family at home and came to their family at work. At Kaye/Bassman some of them actually were blood relatives, but everyone felt as if they were a part of something and that was a huge factor in our success. The way in which I was able to foster this type of environment was to utilize these 8 critical forms of communicating with my people:

⦁ Daily Metrics (utilizing the mentor/coaching form)
⦁ Weekly PAR (written two-way communication)
⦁ Weekly breakfast/lunch to review their desk
⦁ Dual Close
⦁ Morning Strategy Sessions
⦁ Quarterly Dinner (spouse/family included)
⦁ Quarterly Incentive
⦁ Major Incentive

Every associate will respond to different forms of communication, but these 8 I found to be vital in building the kind of culture that made my organization desirable to not only work at but stay with for a very long tenure. I recently went to a 2015 kickoff meeting for my old firm and while taking a look at the


President and the array of managing partners I realized that I had hired every single one of them and they were all still there 10+ years later (many of them 20+). In addition to promoting the culture that we desired, these 8 forms of communicating tangentially were responsible for superior production from all associates.

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