Holiday Hunting

It's Wednesday. The Election is over. The world is still spinning. We have 6 weeks left in the year. Wait, what!? Where did the time go? As shocking as it is that we will already be enjoying turkey next week, just as shocking is that 2017 is almost upon us. The question now becomes how do we close out the year in superior fashion and more importantly position ourselves for a banner year in 2017?


It would be easy to chalk the rest of the year up to vacations, hiring mangers that are in and out and a write it off as a tough Q4, but my hope is that the competitor in us would refuse to accept that we can’t find a way to get ahead in the “slow” part of the year. The key in my mind is BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

The holiday season is a perfect time to build your short, mid and long term pipeline. Instead of slowing down with the times, I say double your efforts. On top of increasing activity, we must engage in the right kind of activity. Activity that efficiently engages the target audience and generates conversations. Set lofty goals and achieve them. We have dozens of case studies that show our business development method to be effective. Please drop me a line if you wish to find out more.

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!

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