HIRING: Your Most Important Job

“You’re only as good as the people you hire.”

In my time as a search firm owner, if I could single out one turning point that lead to my ultimate success it would be when I migrated from working IN the business (running a desk) to working ON the business (leading the firm). As a part of the latter my primary function was to identify, attract, hire and train GREAT TALENT!! I was able to do this exceptionally well and it wasn’t just pure luck. I have developed a Talent Acquisition Process (TAP) that is repeatable and more importantly for you…transferable.

Included in this program are various sources of talent that I have found bountiful pools for the type of individuals we seek to be successful in this business. For instance: local colleges, high-end department stores, high-end auto dealerships, referrals, job boards, direct ads, search firms, etc…

During the interviewing process there are certain traits that I look for in individuals that have proven to be successful. Those traits are what I like to call the 7 C’s + 2.

• Connectivity
• Conation
• Communication Skills
• Contribution
• Conscientiousness
• Courage
• Confidence
• + Desire to build a Business Within a Business (BWAB)
• + Desire to Become and Equity Partner

Using these sources and searching for these traits I was able to hire 16 individuals who became MILLION dollar plus producers.

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