Hiring Manager’s Throwing Wrenches at You?

Ever heard any of these?
⦁ We don’t use recruiters
⦁ We have had a bad experience in the past
⦁ We already use another search firm
⦁ I don’t have any openings
⦁ HR does our hiring
⦁ It’s too expensive
⦁ Send me a resume

Getting a hiring manager on the phone can be difficult enough, but what do we do when they throw a road block at us?


Sure there are a bevvy of rebuttals that you can craft for each one that may be effective. I have all of this material and would be glad to share it. However, what about an even better approach where we accept their answer as being true and we move on to a Level II. And from there potentially to a Level III and Level IV, until we guarantee that we get them to say “YES” – to something. In this way we are building a positive relationship. One that WILL bear fruit in some way, shape, or form.

Allow me to share with you the 4 Level Marketing Approach that ensures you get the hiring manager to say YES. This is different and will set you apart. This approach will position you as a true search CONSULTANT, not just another lowly “recruiter.”

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