Happy Fish

What I keep hearing from my clients over and over again each week is that they have an overabundance of assignments and not enough quality candidates to satisfy the need. Are you currently or have you ever found yourself in this boat? Companies don’t hire search firms to scan CareerBuilder and Monster for resumes; they can do that themselves. Companies hire us to uncover, recruit and LAND those candidates that they cannot find on their own, candidates that will positively impact their bottom line and that will be a cultural fit within the organization.


In essence they are looking for “happy fish.” A happy fish is an individual may be found in any number of “ponds” and is quite content in their current situation. They may be in a large Fortune 500 pond, they may be in a direct competitors pond. It is our job as search consultants to extract precision information from our clients in taking a job order so that we know exactly where to fish for these happy fish. They may have just been promoted; they may be long-term employees who have never considered other opportunities. Regardless of the situation, it is our job to extract the very best talent from the passive market and help our clients to land them. That is how we prove our value.

There is a proven system and methodology all laid out that I would love to walk you through. It includes locating, contacting, recruiting, obtaining candidate exclusivity and eventually landing these passive market happy fish. This way of conducting a search will separate you as a search consultant into the highest echelons of the industry and allow you to become the GO-TO recruiter in your particular space. Now, more than ever, clients need our help in finding happy fish to stock their ponds.

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