Exclusivity for All

The hiring manager wants you to compete with other recruiters under the false pretense that they will be getting better market coverage, better candidates and a better hiring process. Sound familiar? We have all run into that frustrating mindset and the best way to overcome it is to be prepared to combat false information with pure logic. Here are some key points that work in your favor:

The client will have only one singular point of contact instead of juggling various search consultants (don’t have to give the job order to multiple recruiters and don’t have to schedule interviews with multiple contacts)
No potential legal issues regarding which search consultant produced the candidate
Speed vs Quality – Hiring managers are under the assumption that more recruiters means better market coverage when in fact competition means the first one to get a candidate hired wins the prize so typically just a quick database scan is the extent of the search, using one search consultant means that quality prevails and the full passive market is mined for top echelon candidates
Full commitment and dedicated resources (commitment is reciprocal; buy-in from the client means devotion from the search consultant)
Homogenous process (all candidates enjoy the same proven process from start to finish)
Confidentiality and brand reputation are upheld when top candidates are only hearing about the opportunity from one singular source

Never again should you settle for working on an assignment against multiple other search firms, because it is not advantageous for anyone. Have the guts and the knowledge to explain the reasoning to the hiring manager and you will always put yourself in the ideal situation. Even if they don’t agree to exclusivity at that particular point, you have branded yourself into the upper echelons of search. They will be back.

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