Commit to Change

½ year, 6 months, 26 weeks…how’d you do? The midway point is a great time to reflect on your search business and dissect what has been accomplished. If you are doing well, then what changes can be made to accelerate the pace of your success? If you are behind goal, what changes can be made to get back on track and make sure you capitalize on a strong 6 months to finish? The key word in both of these scenarios is CHANGE.


What kind of change will you commit to? We have some ideas that you may want to consider. Ideas that are working for others just like you. Whether you are a large or small search firm, regardless of the industries you cover, aside from any of the specifics of your business, there are tactics that are PROVEN to be effective in the search industry. One such tactic is a business development approach that leverages LinkedIn to the fullest. If you try nothing else, do try this one. One simple change can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business. Try it!

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