C.O.B.S. is a methodology that we advocate should be used with each and EVERY candidate that a search consultant interacts with, at EVERY level of the process. By utilizing the COBS approach you will do a couple things.

• You can ensure that you and the client have a full understanding of the candidate’s motivations and desires.
• You can leverage this information at every step to make sure the candidate is still TRULY interested.
• When it comes time to close the candidate for the position you have more than just a compensation number to ensure that the candidate feels good about his choice and will unequivocally say “yes” when the offer is extended.
• These are also the main “hot buttons” that your client will use to sell and close the individual

So what is COBS? These are the 4 areas in addition to base salary that must be covered with any candidate about their true aspirations in making a job/career change.

• COMPANY - in terms of a company what are you looking for? (Projected growth, size of company, location, silicon valley type office, international or not, cutting edge tech, start-up, fortune 100, etc…)
• OPPORTUNITY - in terms of the opportunity what are you looking for? (New title, management position, large/small team, travel/no travel, rapid promotions, more freedom, use of different skills, bigger territory, different industry, work remotely, work internationally, sit on a committee etc..)
• BOSS - in terms of the boss what are you looking for? (A hands off leader, a micro manager, collaborative/team environment, someone you like and can go to a ballgame with, etc…)
• SPECIAL INCENTIVES - in terms of special incentives what are you looking for? Commission, bonus, relocation, Healthcare, 401k, PTO, maternity/paternity, equity, car/gas allowance, gym membership, free lunch Friday, etc…)

This approach will lead to submitting much higher quality candidates to your clients and will lead to a much higher rate of acceptance and retention. As always curious to hear thoughts and comments. Hope this is helpful!

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