Bad Clients or No Clients?

Bad clients are worse than no clients. This may be up for debate, but i'm here to contest my stance holds true. There are many reasons one might classify a client as “bad” such as:

• No urgency to hire
• Lack of responsiveness
• Unrealistic wants and needs (competitive compensation package)
• No agreement on the process to be used
• No access to the hiring manager
• Unattractive company or specific opportunity
• Unfair contract terms and fees
• Lack of transparency
• Home and cell phone numbers of decision makers
• No exclusivity

My argument here is that our time, energy, effort and resources spent on relationships where the above scenarios are present actually end up hurting us. We could spend that valuable time and resources in working on other (better) assignments or more importantly developing new, QUALITY, client relationships.

The next question you might ask is how do we vet these clients before getting too deep in a situation that we cannot recover from? In short, the answer is asking the right questions and getting agreement on YOUR process. Two documents called Simple as 1, 2, 3 and Director’s Cut outline all you would need to know.

Would be glad to discuss those two parts of the puzzle in detail. And the last piece of the puzzle is the ability/courage to just say NO! If you are interested and want to continue the conversation just drop me a line.

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