ABC: Always Be Closing

ABC = Always Be Closing

In the sales realm this is a very popular adage made famous in a movie called Glengarry Glen Ross. It’s an acronym about staying on track and closing deals. What happens when we fail to close? Our clients lose faith in us. We lose faith in ourselves. We don’t get paid. We look bad to our peers. Nothing good happens.


Have you ever had a placement get all the way to the final stage and fall through? What is the likelihood that every single hiring manager has also had this happen? How do we avoid this fatal mishap? How do we ensure that an offer is never extended that isn’t accepted?


We don’t lose these types of deals because of what happens at the end. We lose deals because of what happens on the front end, or rather what DOESN’T happen on the front end. The very first thing we must do when engaging a search is to cover OUR PROCESS and get 100%, irrevocable buy-in from the hiring manager. Sure their process is important but not as important as ours. This is what we do for a living. We identify, recruit, and most importantly, we LAND top talent for our clients. Every single day this is what we do. Your process is the only process that really matters and can ensure that we will Always Be Closing!

I have a Search Process outlined that my associates swear by and that has been the cornerstone of their practices. As a long-time owner and coach in this industry I have seen search done both really well and very badly. Often times this is the difference. I would be glad to share the Search Process that I advocate and that has been largely responsible for success of sixteen $1 million + search consultants. Give me a call or shoot me an email to receive this process. And remember…ABC!!!

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