Just in the last week alone, we have received numerous emails from our clients outlining immense success in various areas.

  • Sylvie just got a retained search off of your business development method for a chief estimator, and our first search in commercial construction (an area we chose on your recommendation and guidance). Christa was also able to secure a retained search from your BD process. We are all very impressed and re-energized. Thank you for all of your help! – Owner in Canada
  • Just finished Q1 at…drumroll… $236k. This is up from $66k last year and much of that can be attributed to you guys and your precision guidance especially on a couple deals. Thanks so much, looking forward to keeping our foot on the accelerator. –President in NJ
  • With Melissa and Dustin coming on board and possibly Tabitha we are primed to take advantage of what we have built. Add that to myself and Irene and Martha as my assistant…I HAVE A COMPANY. Next Step(beyond) $1,000,000 Billing J Can’t thank you enough for your help in the Talent Acquisition Process. –CEO in Texas
  • We ended up at $199k in Q1 which is one hell of a gain from $0 in Q1 last year. This kind of revenue gives us the bandwidth to build the team and take this organization to the next level and build on the blocks you have given us. Feeling good and ready for more. Cheers! –Owner in Arizona
  • Gentleman, it may have been in front of my face the whole time but I have to credit you guys for our new found offering in Mergers and Acquisitions. I just got off the phone with the CEO of the largest (and best) public accounting firm in California and they want me to find them organizations in other states that they can acquire. This service offering is a game changer for us and will result in millions of dollars of additional revenue. Love it! – CEO in Lousiana

What would these gains mean for your business? Your life? If you believe in constant improvement, then we would welcome a conversation to discuss what exposure to best practices in certain areas might do for your firm.

C.O.B.S. is a methodology that we advocate should be used with each and EVERY candidate that a search consultant interacts with, at EVERY level of the process. By utilizing the COBS approach you will do a couple things.

• You can ensure that you and the client have a full understanding of the candidate’s motivations and desires.• You can leverage this information at every step to make sure the candidate is still TRULY interested.• When it comes time to close the candidate for the position you have more than just a compensation number to ensure that the candidate feels good about his choice and will unequivocally say “yes” when the offer is extended.• These are also the main “hot buttons” ...

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Weeks or months of hard work and running a thorough process can be thwarted by a silly counteroffer, and leave the search consultant feeling angry, confused and worn out. We have a document that I would highly recommend all search consultants read and one that should be shared with every candidate that accepts an offer from their client. It outlines the psychology behind a counteroffer and how to properly execute a resignation and avoid the counter. (click the image to see the document)

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With one month down in 2017 we are seeing an exceptional start to the year across most, if not all, industries. With such a hot market, what are you doing to capitalize and ensure that 2017 is a tremendous success?

• Leveraging technology to work FOR you
• Bolstering your Business Development process
• Refining your Search Process
• Perfecting your ability to sell your services
• Improving your negotiating skills to obtain better terms and fees
• Structuring your day in a more efficient and methodical manner
• Uncovering, interviewing and hiring highly talented search people
• Increasing your brand reputation and marketing efforts


Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Well the opportunity is upon us, now what are YOU going to do to be prepared to succeed?! We have some tried and true methodologies and best practices in the areas mentioned above and if you want a sneak peek into what kind of dramatic change they can make in your search business, give us a call and let’s talk.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are!

Cheers to a HOT year!

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This week’s email from Hunt Scanlon presents some interesting finding on 2017 trends in the job market, some of which may present tremendous opportunity for the search industry. Knowledge and a competitive edge are half the battle in providing value to client companies. I would love to entertain any discussions regarding any of the 5 trends reported in the article or even the general outlook on 2017 as a whole.

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What is the value of having a process for you? For your clients? For your candidates? I would say all VERY high. The question is, do you have one? Is it clearly defined? And how do you leverage it?

The search business can be tricky, after all we are dealing with PEOPLE! But to the best of our ability the goal has to be to work the with very best clients, the very best candidates and to maintain CONTROL all the way through. This is what we do for a living and who knows better how to drive a successful search process than us? No one!

Reasons why establishing a search process with the client are vital:

• It helps to sell our services and can be our differentiating factor (most hiring managers think recruiters just reach into their desk...

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It's that time of the year again. Holiday season! A time to be thankful, to give back and to take a break from your business. Wait, what? Scratch that last one. Now is the time to accelerate your business and outpace your competition.

The suggestion here is to use the holidays as a springboard to build a robust pipeline heading into the new year. Based on our network we are seeing a very positive outlook in the market place and its time to make hay while the sun shines.

From an execution standpoint the recommendation is to implement a business development program that targets key decision makers in your industry with a triple pronged attack including LinkedIn, Email and Phone. This is a proven approach and the success you see will be dir...

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It's Wednesday. The Election is over. The world is still spinning. We have 6 weeks left in the year. Wait, what!? Where did the time go? As shocking as it is that we will already be enjoying turkey next week, just as shocking is that 2017 is almost upon us. The question now becomes how do we close out the year in superior fashion and more importantly position ourselves for a banner year in 2017?

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According an article produced by the AESC the future for executive search is still very bright, but changing. There are some trends that you should be aware of. One such trend that is imminently evident is the rise of “in-house recruiters” which is mostly affecting contingency recruiters. This however leaves a great opportunity available for higher level searches, tough to find positions, ones that an internal recruiter may not have the time and expertise to handle. These searches are often dealt with on a retained basis.

Another noticeable statistic from the article is what metrics are important to client companies. The two mentioned are Tenure of candidates placed and business performance of sid candidates. Diversity has al...

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Perception. Branding. Reputation. What's the difference? I would argue there isn't much. What kind of perception do you strive for in the marketplace?


• The Go-To Search Firm in your industry
• The fastest
• The best candidates
• Most thorough process
• Highest success rate
• Best value
• Client-focused
• Relationship builder

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